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A Safe Space For You to Connect

We connect and support each other without judgment.

What's the community about?

We welcome anyone to join regardless of background, race, sexual orientation, etc. as long as their goal is to support each other.


It takes courage to share honest thoughts and feelings with others. Vulnerability is a form of strength, not weakness. We respect the courage of others to share by maintaining strict confidentiality.


Adopt a non-judgmental mindset: everyone has their own unique life journey, needs, and perspective. We understand other people based on their life experiences and not our own.


Be responsible, honest, and self-aware in our every action. We try not to harm others, and we try to do the right thing.


Quick & Healthiest Way to Make Friends

Make new connections to the Speed Bonding event and build deep connections through our Heart to Heart event every Tuesday and Thursday at 7.20 pm (GMT+7).

Join now and be the part of our community!


Note: We use ZEP Platform to help us run the event

Our community needs people like you!

If you are someone who cares about connection and mental health, we hope our community can be a safe space for you to grow, where you feel accepted, valued, and respected for who you are. Come, take a seat. Let's make life-long friends.

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